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Sophisticated ERP-Style Data Organization in Excel and Access

Real-time BI dashboards. Programs to quickly and easily look up data without coding. Secure databases with customized permissions. Automation of data organization tasks. It's probably easier than you think, and entirely possible within familiar MS Office applications.

Excel and Access can track inventory and all sorts of financial metrics to keep you informed of the data most relevant to your business.
Excel spreadsheets with customized macros can be used to present business intelligence and data analytics information.
All sorts of advanced data analytics and business intelligence (BI) are possible through advanced use of Microsoft Excel, Access, and Powerpoint. Using VBA macros, pivot tables, and custom queries makes this possible.

Business Intelligence

Timely information can be the difference between a winning and a losing strategy. Having an intuitive and easy to use real-time BI dashboard can help you make the most informed strategic decisions without waiting.

Customized Microsoft Excel and Access macros can be used to automate repetitive tasks and save a lot of time.


Mundane, repetitive tasks can eat up a lot of your business's time and resources as well as result in costly errors. A simple, custom-built macro can easily turn a 10 hour job into a 10 minute job.

Microsoft Excel and Access can be used to create databases and to link to other databases to provide convenient real time acces to information.

SQL integration

Imagine a spreadsheet that will formulate a SQL query, paste the data into itself, and run formulas and create pivot reports using the resultant data, all without leaving Excel. All of that is possible and more with a custom macro.

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