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We offer a variety of solutions custom-tailored to suit your specific business needs. Take a look at the examples below for an idea of the functionality that can be built into a custom Excel solution. You can download these generic examples and test them as you see fit. Make sure to select "Enable Macros" (don't worry, the files are safe) when given the prompt to do so.

For some specific examples of AEO's prior work, click here.

For information on corporate training, click here.

Present Information in an Intuitive and Interactive Way
Custom Excel and Access Macros allow you real-time data analytics and business intelligence

This example demonstrates how Excel can be used to quickly and easily present important information about business performance.

Automatically Parse Disorganized Information
Cleaning up data is easy with a custom macro that automates the process.

This example demonstrates how a cleverly designed macro can be used to separate lumped-together information into appropriate rows for easy organization or transfer to a database.

Sometimes a large amount of unstandardized data has to be checked for errors. A macro or custom function can often be created to automate the process and reduce the workload significantly. Note that you have to install the custom function as an add-in (the .xlam file) for the example to work properly.

Automate Data QC Processes
A custom macro can look through large amounts of data very quickly and flag statistical anomalies or bad data.
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