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Case Studies

AEO takes all types of projects. Its clients range from one-man startups to Fortune 500 giants. Some projects take months to complete, and others are finished in a day. Below are a few select examples of projects that AEO has completed.

Rosetta Technologies

Rosetta Technologies manufactures printers. They wanted an automated solution to create price books and quotes for their customers. Previously, they had to painstakingly create these reports by hand in Excel. This could take up to an hour each time, and they sent hundreds of these every month.

AEO came in, analyzed the company’s needs, and built an Access database that would create both reports automatically. The front end of the database allowed the user to select which models to include in the report(s), and at which preset price level(s). It also allowed the user to save preset combinations of models and price levels so that common quotations could be created without having to select them every time. The user could then output the reports to either Excel or PDF format, whichever he preferred.

All of the data was linked to the company’s existing databases so as to avoid any redundancy. The product and price data came from the accounting and inventory database, and customer data came from a separate CRM database. The Access database served to seamlessly combine both data sources.

We made the mapping and order of parts, pages, and categories entirely customizable by the user through a series of tables in the database. And we have provided detailed documentation as well as ongoing support.

Custom Automated Price Book and Quote Report

Advanced Roofing Technologies

A roofing company that was looking to streamline its advertising efforts reached out to AEO to automate a time-consuming manual process. The company had to regularly download a rather cryptic spreadsheet listing all of the buildings in the county from the county property appraiser’s website, then filter for buildings of a certain size and belonging to the types of businesses that make up their target market. Then the mailing information of these businesses had to be isolated and reformatted to be sent to a mail advertising company. AEO built an Access database that would automatically load the file, filter it down, and output a properly formatted Excel sheet in a few seconds, thus saving the client a considerable amount of manual work.

Macro to Automatically Filter and Format Spreadsheet

Global Pricing Solutions

An economics consulting firm derived pricing data for its clients based on observed changes to price fluctuations. This data was fit to a mathematical model to determine the profit-maximizing price for each product in each individual market. The client wanted an elegant dashboard to present this data and model to its customers.

AEO built a dashboard in Excel that allowed users to select a product and market or combination of products and/or markets, and then choose a specific price, and the dashboard would apply the company’s model to output the predicted revenue, cost, and profit. It would also compare it to the revenue, cost, and profit for the current price. The dashboard included charts showing the profit at along price levels as well as a price and volume chart specific to the selections. Most importantly, the dashboard included a button that would calculate the profit-maximizing price, and set the price selection to that price. Thus showing the client exactly how much increase he could expect in the chosen product and market.  

Price Optimization Dashboard

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